ds 106: Create A Commercial (5 stars)

Though it’s not much of an advertisement per say, it tells Rudy just what it is they’re looking at. They will pick one to take along their journey while the rest go with a kindly stranger and his monstrous companion. Without the log left by some unnamed researcher Rudy wouldn’t even know what its name was. Now as they look around, they notice that there are some other small machines scattered throughout the room, blinking red in the darkness.

If the obnoxious watermark wasn’t a clear indicator, this was made with both screencast-o-matic and a video editing program called OpenShot. I wasn’t fully sure what I wanted to do for my video portion and figured it’d be interesting to do a recording rather than stitching together a bunch of different assets. I also used OpenShot to add a bunch of effects such as distortion, robotic voice, and pixilation to the audio and visuals. I wish I could’ve added some static and better mixed the audio, but overall I’m alright with how this turned out.

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