ds 106: Weird Book Room (4 stars)

Far in the future of our world is one completely unrecognizable. The people there are not like us, and all they know of us is that we were responsible for why the world has become the way it is now. They read what’s left of our stories of war, of the Hound, of the Cure, the day it rained light and the sun vanished behind the Ghost. How entire civilizations turned on one another, how the Earth turned on us, how the sky turned on us. They don’t know the full story. They barely know our languages, much less what we may have looked like.

This was created with Grafx2 completely. The trickiest part was far from the story or the design, as I had an idea as soon as I saw the prompt. I was inspired to make something that seemed old but not inherently crazy, like you might stumble across it in an abandoned library. But the context itself is what drives it to be “weird”. In the story of Hollowgrove humans don’t exist, and the people who exist in our place know us like we knew dinosaurs 50 years ago. Barely.

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