ds 106: Play DJ & Make A Song (4.5 stars)

I saw this assignment and immediately knew that I wanted to do it. I was inspired by a prompt from a discord server to “Introduce the listener to a space adventure”. I used an online sequencer called Modbox to make this song, which gives me all sorts of fun chiptune and retro sound fonts. I added a lot of white noise to the drums and background to give it some atmosphere and space, as well as a decent amount of reverb to the whole track. The process took me a lot longer than expected, and I wish I started working on it earlier in the week.

4 Responses

  1. this is sooooo cool 🙂 i’ve always adored chiptunes and thought about trying to make one for the first time for this week’s batch of assignments, but i just wasn’t sure of how i could make it work in time, as i’ve never made one before. you did an awesome job on this, though. it fits the discord prompt you mentioned super well. now i’m thinking i might need to give this a whirl someday!

  2. This is fabulous, there is a small sinister sound that I picked up that I feel is carried throughout the whole song, it is very faint, but gives me the feeling of trepidation. You transitioned well each time and it all flows together beautifully, but the end kinda cuts off rather abruptly – was that planned?

  3. Oh my God, that was excellent. I love the style of music – I play a lot of RPGMaker games – so this was a TREAT. I agree with the other commenters, and I want to specifically highlight the mixing/mastering! The use of stereo sound was wonderful, and the bass hit well in combination with the higher tones. Fantastic! I need to know if you work on music for any online project!

  4. This really does sound like a track from a 16 bit RPG, such as Mother 3 or Chrono Trigger. The bit-crushed swooshing sounds adds an almost rainy sound. I can visualize a dark storm night listening to this.

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