Ages into the future is a land inhabited by a wide variety of strange fauna and broken monuments. Tucked in a cave is a family of rock like beings, hundreds of smaller ones working under a monolithic queen. It tells one small rock in particular to follow their dreams, and they do. And as Rudy explores the world outside of the cave they’ve always known as home, they begin a long journey into the wide world that was once called earth.

The world outside their cave is much brighter than anticipated, and is so full of color. Rudy takes a moment to simply take in their new surroundings, and they notice some interesting terrain in the distance. They walk along a path leading straight from the cave mouth, unconcerned with who or what may have made a path straight to their home, excited to see what those giant blocks are over in the distance. The trek shifts in mood, and an excited trot becomes a hurried scuttle. Who knows what else is out here besides Rudy, following the same trail right in their own steps…

Though they can’t read, Rudy comes across what we’d collectively refer to as a library, though most of the materials within the building have long since deteriorated. One book in particular catches their attention, and they bring it along on their journey. An empty journal is also picked up in case they want to write notes, though finding something to write with will be a whole new issue.

Deeper in the building is a staircase going down. They descend and find a room lined with huge glass cells, and while most are empty, the ones that are empty have also been broken open. At the end of the room are four containers, each holding a sleeping monster in them with strange text beneath them. The monsters’ eyes slowly open, groggily watching as Rudy approaches. A table stands before the four, and Rudy takes out their journal and begins carefully tracing the unfamiliar words down in their journal. Molo. Vert. Deri. Sino. A small machine sits on the table next to the journal, and as Rudy pushes the blinking red button, static and sharp noises fill the air.

Once they’ve left the strange building, they look to their new friend Deri. They glance back at the stranger who came by after them, carrying the other three monsters in long arms. He makes a gesture towards Rudy and departs without a word, leaving the duo to their own devices. They’re not sure where this journey will take them, but there’s no doubt that it will be packed full of excitement, danger and learned lessons.

Rudy arrives in the large city of Farsfillow much later than anticipated, but is happy to be there nonetheless. What started as a duo has become a small group, with Rudy adopting a Pipe Player and an Omara into their party. Over time, Deri had grown in size and personality. Four of them in total actually. True to the recording they heard in the lab they found Deri at, it had a love for splashing about and losing focus during battles. It eventually grew into Drosera, floating above Rudy and becoming more adapt at long range attacks. Shortly after their visit to what remained of the Crimson City and an encounter with the Hound, Drosera evolved into Dromedeus. The huge creature currently looms over Rudy as they walk through the outskirts of the city, parting crowds of cautious citizens. Such is to be expected with such a massive friend, though there always tends to be a brave soul who challenges the group in these situations. And sure enough, she does. A young monster bursts forth from the crowd and promptly challenges the party to a battle, claiming herself and her creature to be superior to them. Rudy glances to their team and nods in approval. She leads the outside the city to where her monster of choice lurks. A huge, aquatic fish with billowing fins and massive teeth emerges from deep…

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