ds 106: 5 second film (5 stars)

I’ll preface this assignment by saying that this week was insanely unorganized for me as I started working a second job as well as some family stuff going on, so I’m frustrated to say that this assignment didn’t go as I wanted. I hate to use excuses but my end product is so underwhelming in comparison to what I could’ve done with more time.

I wanted to have a calm scene with some nice backing sound effects as my quick story. A bird flits about looking for its nest as the trees rustle gently in the wind. My original goal was going to have live video instead, but I kept running into issues transferring the videos from my phone to my computer so I ended up switching to drawing instead.

This video was made with a combination of different programs. I used Grafx2 to draw, Beepbox to create the wind and bird sound effects, and lastly Adobe Animate to stitch everything together and adjust the colors and timing. I took an animation course a few years ago and sadly all my knowledge of the program has long left my bones, so I had to struggle with it for a while before finally getting my end result. I can safely say that I’m not pleased with the work I have here and in the future I’ll have my process figured out prior to beginning the task.

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  1. I think you achieved your goal of waiting for a calm scene I really like the different shades of green everything is. And the way everything moves is very soothing.

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