Week 5 dev log/reflection

And with that, I close the book on this blog and the class it was made for. It was a lot of fun in some parts, a lot of stress in others, and the whole time I was learning. The assignments made me learn about new techniques and programs, forced me out of comfort zones and pushed me to try and do better in all sorts of different fields. This class was an experience I won’t forget anytime soon, and one I won’t regret ever. While I’m not crazy about my final story, I’m very pleased with it and how my assignments turned out. The story of Hollowgrove finally has a bit of it properly told, and I’m so glad it is. There’s so much more I almost threw in, thought about including, but I didn’t want to throw too much in all at once.

The assignments themselves weren’t too much trouble, the biggest offender being the commercial assignment. I had a lot of difficulty just finding an assignment I thought could be linked in, and on the other hand there were just too many different options for me to just make my own assignment. Not to say that I didn’t make my own assignment though! I had a strong concept for the video game aspect, and after browsing the bank for similar tasks I ended up making my own. It felt almost… cheaty for me to do so though, so I ended up making two different images for the assignment. I make sure to show the programs and how I use them in each blog post, though for the most part they all use the same handful or programs I’ve been using for other similar assignments throughout the weeks. Grafx2 and Beepbox/Modbox are some old friends of mine and they really shone throughout my time in this class.

Some of my favorite assignments were the music and visual assignments for sure, while the video assignments gave me the most trouble. If I could retake it I’d invest much more time in a proper video editing software and a good camera. I used my phone for all my picture taking and I’m not a fan of the quality my pictures tend to come out with. The most exciting part was definitely this week though. I wanted each and every assignment to be about my project and my vision, and though I had a bit less time than usual I’m so glad I got the chance to do so.

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