I had my friend randomly pick out five numbers from one to eleven to pick out people’s blogs, and I gotta say my classmates have some great content put out! Gonna need to step up my game

My first blog comment was on Tristan Barber’s blog, I really appreciate the amount of text written out for all of their posts, and the in depth analysis on Vignelli’s work made me see his work in a much clearer way. Overall I found the insight on design as a career just as refreshing as their own logo design.

My second blog comment was on Eliza Cote’s blog, I found that we share a common thought process on Ira Glass and the emphasis he puts on raising and answering questions for the audience. His broadcast advice overall was extraordinary to listen to and so easy to learn from.

My third blog comment was on Andrei Catuneanu’s blog, His photo blitz was well written out and I liked reading through his interpretations of his photos, especially the goldfish photo. There’s a lot of subtle details I missed out on when I first looked through the pictures, and his comments brought out some new thought processes in my head.

My fourth blog comment was on Pearl Lee’s blog, Their Radio Bumper assignment was made really well in my personal opinion! It felt very natural and smooth, despite being longer than the usual bumper.

My last comment went to Patrick Murphy’s blog, His gif stood out to me in how vivid and noisy it was in a good way, very eye catching and fun to watch! It’s pretty cool that he chose to make a gif of someone he admired and that the gif showcases Neil’s talents so well.

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