ds 106: Story time fun time (3.5 stars)

There are a lot of options in regards to telling a story. I could talk about anything, tell any sort of tale for this. What really inspired me was the idea of continuing off of a gif assignment I had completed last week. The story revolves around a monstrous dog like creature running rampant in a city that’s been sealed in, told vaguely through a corrupt automated message. I wanted it to be unnerving and hard to not pay attention to, like watching the news when something horrible is on. When you don’t want to see it yet you can’t look away.

I used a handful of tools to complete this assignment. The main piece of software used was Audacity, which is free and very easy to use. I compiled all my audio samples onto it and used it to add various effects to said samples like reverb, phasing and distortion. The second most important program used was an online text to speech generator called voicemaker. I inputted the string of text I wanted into it and simply downloaded it after finding a voice setting I liked. Finally, I used an online web sequencer called Modbox to grab a handful of white noise samples. I don’t think they were all that important to the process, but they definitely added a lot of ambiance and tension in the spots I wanted.

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