Comments week 4

After browsing some blogs, I found some posts I found to be really well made and slapped some comments on them. First up was Anna’s blog Her daily creates are very engaging and fun to look through, I had a hard time picking out which week I wanted to comment under.

Next up was Brandy’s blog Her create a shirt ds106 assignment looks great and I appreciate the personal ties she has with her design and herself. It has a lot of charm on its own, and the incorporation of her own personality connects it to another level entirely.

After that was Patrick’s blog His modified song had some great uses of various effects such as reverb and compression. His process is well explained and I appreciate his inclusion of his inspiration.

Last up was Andrei’s blog His summary of what he learned in regards to story telling has some wonderful points in it, and I especially liked his comment n high school level writing in comparison to proper and well executed story telling.

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