ds 106: reacts

This morning I went to check up on my sweet baby hognose snake and give him something to eat. I love him dearly and he’s grown accustomed to me interacting with him. Of course, I apparently needed to ruin this beautiful bond as when I went to adjust some of his bedding I accidently flicked some of it at his little face, and he hissed and flinched. And boy do I feel bad about! He wasn’t hurt just mildly frightened, but that was enough to make me feel absolutely awful about it. This gif sums up the exact moment of me realizing what I had done in my head.

I decided to make my reaction gif from a Bill Wurtz video called “i just did a bad thing”. I knew him from a variety of memes and references online, but once I remembered seeing this video I felt that this was the perfect reaction as I tend to make my problems worse than they already are. I used Youtube as the source material and found a handy site called gifmaker (https://www.gifmaker.net/) that allows me to make gifs from youtube links. It also lets you use an assortment of images to make a gif, but in this I simply threw in a link, selected the timeframe I wanted, made some little edits to the speed and was all done.

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