Dev log: 1

Oh boy what a week! Lots of pictures and editing and reading for the end of this week. Though I have some nice results, I can’t say I’m overly proud of what I managed to accomplish this week. I feel like a baby bird that saw some other birds flying, jumped from a branch and promptly tripped over my feet. I feel out of my element and so utterly new to photography and editing images. Usually I take real pictures and use them as inspiration and create my own image, but this? Totally threw me off.

The photo safari was a surprising and wild time for me. I learned so much from a bunch of different YouTube videos and photography blogs, all of the chock full of tidbits and tips about taking great photos. This activity made me feel my inexperience with photography fully, and it was a bit overwhelming and exciting to really tory to learn something new to me. I definitely wouldn’t have skimmed the first few blogs I looked up if I could spend my time on it again, that’s for sure.

My daily creates and ds 106 assignments weren’t too bad, but I also really underestimated the amount of time they all needed. I’ll start doing them in a much more evenly spaced time frame so that I don’t have to crunch my time and perform better. I’m not displeased with how these turned out, but I really should’ve given each one of them more time and done more for them.

And to end off, some work for Hollowgrove itself! A lot of lore got rewritten and some monster concepts are finally getting worked on, and I am super excited to get into them. I’m participating in ArtFight this year, and it’s been a great motivation to work on my project.

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