ds106: Eat Your Hear Out Beethoven (5 stars)

I thought it’d be fun to make a cover of a song with a style that’s drastically different from the original. For starters, I’m not that big on Let Her Go, but my partner sure is and I thought it’d be a nice surprise for him and this class. I used a program that’s based off an online music sequencer known as Beepbox, the spinoff used known as Modbox. I got some help from my partner in getting notes correctly in a lot of parts, mainly the verses. I chose this program specifically for it’s customization and the fact that it primarily uses chiptune sound fonts as instrumentation. I overall really like how this came out! I think the feeling of the song is still there, but at the same time a lot of context and meaning behind the song has been washed away with a lack of vocals. In some ways it makes the song easier to appreciate in that one can just enjoy the sounds and feelings, but on the other hand one may have a harder time understanding the desired vibe of the song.

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