Design Blitz


The idea behind the “Balance” photo was to showcase how precise and purposeful the layout on this little disk was. Naturally there’s a focal point on the disk, but at the same time the eye can wander over the full design and not feel over or underwhelmed. The two trees on the right are complemented by K.K. Slider and another tree on the left. The logo and green background take up a lot of space, while the bottom is filled in with black and is cluttered with text in comparison to the top.

“Metaphor” is a photo of a small bamboo cluster next to a closed window, in which we can see a variety of flourishing plant life. There’s a certain irony to an indoor plant being by a window, so close to being where it may belong yet so separated. And for some plants, it’s a necessity for survival. Do they feel a sense of longing, or do they feel pity for the plants that have to endure natural elements? I think a lot of people feel a vague sense of familiarity with this idea, that we may feel so close and disconnected to something so important to us.

The photo of “Rhythm” shows off repeating patterns as well as symmetry. I took the photo near ground level so I could get an interesting perspective of the pattern as well. The contrast and style of the carpet really inspired me to take the photo, and I think the complexity plays with the symmetry really well.

“Color” is just a picture of my turtle lamp I rarely ever use, but as I walked past it I was inspired to see how it looked with the other lights off. It has a very warm and cozy feel to it thanks to the colors, almost resembling a fireplace or campfire. The natural flooring it sits on helps push these comfy vibes, and the brightness of the shell with the reddish glow on the floor gives the whole picture a warm temperature.

There were two main ideas behind “Message”. Part of it is a metaphor for technology, but I felt it wasn’t symbolic enough for my own tastes. I wanted this picture to show a symbolic sense of function of the iPad. That behind that one screen is a person, and said person may be hidden or open about their personal life but ultimately they are a human being. Someone may have 20 different accounts they use on that one iPad, and they may never talk about themselves, but they’re still just a person. Is it stifling to look at and think of the idea of someone relying so heavily on technology to socialize? Or is it a beautiful thing that we can connect and interact with each other so easily with just a few taps?

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