Week 4 dev log

This week was by far the most stressful thanks to the assignments and regular life happenings. My time management was way off this week and I’m not satisfied with my creative works this week nearly as much as some of my previous works. I spent more time struggling to get certain things to work or just get things done rather than learning and getting creative with my assignments. Frustrating but it just means I’ll have to do better moving forward.

I figured these assignments would take the most amount of time, so I put in more time into my analysis rather than my ds106 assignments. Future me knows now that it wasn’t the smartest move, but I am satisfied with out they came out. I learned a lot from Ebert’s movie reading and the clip analysis was an insightful learning process for me.

The ds106 tasks on the other hand were far from my favorite works. The tasks themselves were creative and interesting, but my execution of them was not up to my personal standards. The music video is the one I’m more satisfied with between the two, but overall I wouldn’t consider this week a win. In the future my time management needs to be more in line so that a repeat of this week doesn’t happen again.

The daily creates and comments were a nice way to engage with other people and their creative works. It was refreshing and really cool to see what my classmates and other people have made for some of the prompts, their inspirations and thoughts, the end products and how different they were from each other and my own work.

Lastly, Hollowgrove itself. I wasn’t able to get any proper work done on it this week thanks to a busy and frantic schedule, but with this next week coming up I want every bit of it to be focused on hollowgrove.

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