Week 3 dev log

The reflections were definitely the most brain power consuming for me. While they all had great information for audio design, it was hard to not repeat myself in some places. I think I could’ve spent some more time getting more words out and properly explaining myself rather than typing what I thought in the moment and leaving it at that.

The ds 106 assignments on the other hand were time consuming but so much fun! I’ve always had a soft spot for making music and working with audio so these exercises really pushed my boundaries in good ways. I got some tips and tricks from some friends of mine who make music for fun and as a career, and the experience with each task was awesome. The most challenging one for me was the Story time as I’ve never used Audacity before until now. Having to learn a new program while also creating a story and making use of other programs was a juggle that was difficult but rewarding.

The most eye opening part of this week was looking through some of my classmate’s blogs and commenting! There were so many well thought out and creative posts made by my peers that on a lot of them I had a hard time picking one post to comment on. Similarly, the daily creates were a quick and engaging exercise that I enjoyed a lot more than I initially thought I would. Overall, this week has probably been my favorite thus far. I’m proud of my ds 106 assignments, proud of my peers, and I really need to get better at writing those reflections.

In Hollowgrove news, I wrote out a decent extra chunk of lore for the story! In fact, part of it is the in the Story Time assignment I did for this week. I got down the main themes and stories for the legendaries in Hollowgrove and I’m very excited to move forward with them.

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