The Vignelli Canon (reflection)

Vignelli lived an incredible life and had an exceptional skill in making clean, flowing designs. I find the way he designed the map of the New York City Subway map fascinating, as he didn’t simply design it to be accurate, rather representations so that people could understand it much easier. His other works such as the American Airlines logo and Ford logos are interesting to me as they’re both minimalist in design yet interesting to look at and easy to read. He had an affinity of function and minimalism, and it’s very prevalent in his fonts. Clean and easy to interpret with small details that distinguish them from other fonts. Though his work is incredible in its own right, I personally don’t think I could ever follow in his footsteps. I prefer a bit more chaos in my designs, having colors and patterns that actively interact with one another. There’s a lot that I’ve learned from studying his designs, and I hope that one day I can make something as modern and minimalistic as he did.

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  1. Vignelli’s designs definitely tended to be minimalist. I personally thought his designs were at their best when they mixed bold, simple designs with intricate photos as set pieces. In many ways, he laid the groundwork for most modern designs nowadays.

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