Moon Graffiti reflection

The low drone continuously playing in the background, the frantic beeping combined with the rushed conversation all build tension that is released in the sound of a crash. When the narrator begins to take over commentary, the drone and sound effects lower to give priority to said narrator. The silence makes the listener wait for some form of commentary to start or the story to continue. As it progresses more dissonant tones begin to play in the background, accompanying a conversation that feels almost dangerous. Low drums come and go to help build and break tension for the audience as well. The story is reminiscent of a car accident in some ways, hard to listen to yet hard to stop listening.

The sound in audio is obviously important, but this is a great example of just how truly make or break it can be. It’s constantly building tension, forcing the audience to ask questions and keeping them invested in the story. The atmosphere is almost creepy thanks to the background noise. The conversation alone is somewhat depressing on it’s own, but combined with the ambiance it’s unsettling. Imagine how different this story would feel if melancholy, sad music played instead? What if there was no noise played at all?

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