Material reflection: Week 1

I feel like a lot of the information about taking photos wasn’t really new information for me. I’ve taken plenty of art classes, and I’ve earned about all sorts of the terms and tricks described in many different blogs and youtube videos. And yet when I personally went to start taking photos, I suddenly felt like I forgot everything they said. Or at least it wasn’t just as easy as it sounded on paper. Telling a story through photos doesn’t sound too bad and I can almost visualize it in my head, yet when I was standing in my room trying to think of how to proceed I realized that I needed to reread and delve straight back into tips and tricks. It wasn’t just doing, it was how do I do it? Where do I begin? What is my end goal? How can I improve my composition before I even get my camera out to take the picture, and once I’m ready how should I determine my lighting and perspective? All of these little components I brushed off thinking I had experience with already felt more foreign than ever. Now that my photo blitz is done, I do think it really helped in forcing me to learn from other photographers. I can’t wait to continue developing these skills as I go.

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