ds106: Return To The Scene Of The Crime (3.5 stars)


My family has never been big on taking pictures, much less printing them out, so I had to get a bit creative on this one. I have this little collection of post cards I got on a yard sale that feature some gorgeous scenes from all over the United States, and thought it’d look really cool to try and line up the postcards to the scenes they depict. I firstly had to pick a postcard, and that was honestly pretty difficult! With so many options I simply decided to randomly grab a handful, counted them up and randomly picked a number one through six. With that out of the way, I then got to googling around for the scene I wanted, the firefall of Yosemite park. It was somewhat surprising to see one of the first results be the exact postcard I was holding, but after some careful pickings I found a background that fit really well with my card. Angling the card against my computer at the right distance was a bit tricky and my phone refused to focus properly, but overall I really enjoyed this activity!

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