ds106: Music video (4 stars)

This assignment was partially inspired by a friend of mine who was showing me how to make a visualizer in a program called After effects. Since I had been having trouble with Adobe Animate on my other assignment, I took him up on his offer and thought it’d be fitting to work it into a task.

The song itself was something I made for a small music tournament a few years ago, while the background was made by me in Grafx2 and the visualizer made in After Effects. The song was meant for a grassy and unexplored area, so I wanted not only the background to match but the visualizer as well. I put it at the bottom of the screen and made it a nice green to replicate grass moving in the wind. Besides the other assignment, I’m much more pleased with how this one turned out in comparison. It doesn’t feel polished to me, but considering this was my first try with making a music video with a visualizer I think it went surprisingly well.

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