ds 106: Splash the color (3.5 stars)

This one gave me a lot of trouble in all honesty. I really wish I started this one sooner because I kept reselecting images based on their complexity and the colors I wanted to pop. I settled on this handsome noodle because of their striking colors, although separating the colors of the hands from the snake was a challenge. I used my main art program Grafx2 (main usage is for pixel art) to sort the color palette by lightness and hue, then picked out the colors I didn’t want and gray-scaled them. The program is free and is lacking in comparison to other pixel art programs, but I’m quite fond of it myself.

Using the “sort” and “Gray” options to get my color splash

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  1. This is beautiful!! I also did the Splash of Color, but separating those colors by hand I’m sure was long and tedious, but your finished photo (even though I’m not a snake person) captured my attention and I had to leave a comment and Congratulate you on the hard work! You did a fabulous job!

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