ds 106: One Story / Four Icons (2 stars)

I picked one of my favorite web shows for this project, Red vs Blue by Roosterteeth. Though I’m not fully caught up on the story as of today, these icons represent points in the show. The helmet represents the characters in the beginning, as everyone in the beginning of this show wears identical helmets. The sword icon is a key part (pun intended) of the overarching story of this show, and becomes a staple for one character in particular. Next is the symbol for a group of people known as Freelancers, who are at the core of the story in many parts. Finally, a large X to represent a character named Locus. He symbolizes an entirely new arc to the story of RvB. The icons are in chronological order in regards to the story and give a very vague timeline of the events/arcs in RvB.

I used Goggle Slides for this assignment as I felt it’d be easiest to edit icons with it. I made the background black and inverted the icons to be white using format options and recolors. The sword was also a bit hard to see initially, so I raised the brightness significantly and nudged the contrast up a bit too. Besides that was simply formatting and making sure I was happy with the end result.

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