ds 106: buddy photo (2 stars)

Me holding Toast

To start with, I cannot figure out why this image is as small as it is. The picture is of me barely holding up my giant teddy bear Toast, who I’ve had for years now and gives wonderful hugs. I went out with Toast to my friend’s work at a school to surprise her and the kids she helps to teach. I couldn’t carry him around with me too much he’s taller than me and is a bit heavy for me, but everyone who got to meet him seemed to have a great time interacting with him. After we left, I took him back to my old home where my parents live and we all got to spend some time together. In hindsight I really should’ve picked a much smaller toy to bring around, as taking pictures and setting up compositions was a nightmare in and of itself. I love him but I won’t be doing this again anytime soon.

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