Dev week 2

I started off this week’s assignments well by getting a head start on my ds 106 tasks, and I’ happy to say that the process was so much smoother and enjoyable than last week. Now that I took my time and focused more on the quality rather than the deadline I feel much better about the assignments. I plan on getting into a habit of completing at least one digital assignment every day of the week from this point on.

The gif assignments weren’t a new experience for me in regards to the dystopian assignment, but the reaction task was a learning process. I struggled a bit with finding a program that wasn’t too difficult to use and gave me the results I really wanted, and though I got the assignment done within my standards I’m not really happy with it. In the future I’ll be doing more research into programs and start learning how to use them with tutorials in advance.

The daily creates of this week were interesting for sure. I love the ideas of daily assignments, but the content they provide isn’t too engaging for me. Going forward I want to start drawing and writing more alongside these tasks so that I can be more productive and get more practice with my storytelling.

Though my phone quality is a problem for me personally, the design blitz went surprisingly well and I was very happy with the results. I may buy a proper camera for future assignments and to practice taking photos. Meanwhile, my reflection of the Vignelli Canon is a bit weak in my opinion. It was hard for me to form a connection with him and his work, and though I learned a bit from his work and life I found it hard to gain any significant insight from him. I try to have an open mind but I’m not happy with my takeaway from the Vignelli Canon.

Overall this week had some ups and downs. I’m glad I spent more time properly spent on my assignments, and I feel that the quality has improved because of it. On the other hand, I think I lacked in the reflection and the fact that I didn’t spend more time on my gif assignments. They’re rushed and lack effort in a lot of ways, and in the future I need to get more involved in my assignments. If I could redo my week I’d do more research on different programs as well as Vignelli himself, and the stories behind more of his works and their impacts.

In news for Hollowgrove, I’m very excited to say that since I joined artfight for this month I’ve been very productive in working on it! I’ve written more lore, animated several of my designs, and have written lots of lore. I’m looking forward to drawing other people’s characters as well for the sake of inspiration and practice.

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